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101 BEST Senior Life Insurance Diabetics

101 BEST Senior Life Insurance Diabetics

The first thing a life insurance company will look for is the extent that the disease has been controlled.

Are you following a prescribed diet, do you take insulin regularly, are you on any other prescription medications and are you taking them as prescribed?

These are all very important factors that an insurer uses to decide if you are going to be a high risk client.

Understandably, most life insurance companies underwriters will respond negatively to a person that is diagnosed with diabetes and does not take care of themselves or their condition afterwards. 

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance

Cover Your Final Expenses EVEN If You Have Pre-Existing Health Conditions.

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance makes it’s easier than ever to get protection you can count on regardless of your health.

Even if you have diabetes or you  are a long term diabetic on insulin you can purchase life insurance.

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance for diabetics

There are NO Medical Exams, and depending on the company, very few medical questions to answer.

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance policies typically offer graded benefit periods, meaning if death occurs the first two-years of the policy offer a return of premium plus interest is offers.

Guaranteed issue individual life insurance plans can insure most anyone, with no medical examination.

Because guaranteed issue life insurance policies do not rely on medical information to set premiums, the costs can be higher.

No Medical, Simplified Issue Life Insurance Plan

No Medical, Simplified Issue Life Insurance plan – these plans are ones that you can get without needing to submit to a medical exam or to get a doctor’s report.

Many companies  offer simplified or final expense life insurance, where the insured must answer medical history questions, but are not required an examination.

There are people who are unable to take out standard policies, and who would look for simplified policies that don’t need detailed medical exams.

There are also policies that offer ‘guaranteed acceptance’ for challenging applicants – ones that have serious medical conditions or who have been told that they cannot get mainstream life insurance.

Simplified issue life insurance is available those who are reasonably health with very little underwriting.

Get coverage with heart issues, sleep apnea, prior cancer and other sicknesses or illnesses.

Simplified vs. Guaranteed – What’s the Difference?

The terminology that is used by insurance providers can be hard to understand.

Simplified Issue Life Insurance is life insurance that does not require you to take a medical exam, but will ask you some questions about your health.

The more questions you are asked, the lower the premium you are likely to have to pay.

This is a good option if you can truthfully answer that you are in good health, and simply don’t want to have to worry about blood tests, etc. because you’re scared of needles.

However, these policies are usually not open to people who have been refused life insurance in the last two years.

Insurance companies offer lower rates to customers who can prove they are in good health through a medical exam.

Because there is no medical exam or underwriting, insurance companies have no information other than the applicant’s age and gender on which to base the premiums.

Where to Apply for Life Insurance No Medical Exam?

Be sure to look for insurance through a broker so that you can do the ‘preliminary inquiry’ stage, to avoid potential declines.

This is important because if you do get declined, it will make it harder to get approved elsewhere – that buffer will help you to avoid that risk.

One excellent broker is Mintco Financial located in Buffalo, New York and Tampa , Florida but serves all of USA.

You can find them at there homepage or if you prefer get a free online quote in their website.


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