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The Best Life Insurance for Seniors 2017- No Questions Asked

The Best Life Insurance for Seniors 2017 no questions ( NO Medical Underwriting) asked are:

Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance, there generally are no medical questions, and no medical exam involved. Because you generally cannot be rejected unless you are living in a nursing facility or hospital, it is called guaranteed.

A Graded Benefit Life Insurance policy, you have no questions of a medical nature to answer. But getting it is can be bit more complicated than guaranteed issue. Graded benefit policies are usually targeted to those 50 and over.

Simplified Issue Life Insurance, you usually have no medical examination, but the insured will have to respond to some specific medical questions.

2 Reasons You Should Look Into No Questions Asked Life Insurance

There are two main reasons why you should look into no questions asked life insurance.

  1. You were declined for a traditional life insurance policy.
  1. You have a serious health issue(s).

However, even if the above applies to you, this doesn’t necessarily mean you can only get no medical life insurance. An experienced broker will be aware of insurance programs that insure individuals with the above issues.

Cost of No Questions Asked Life Insurance for Seniors

Expect to pay more and have smaller death amount options if you want a quote for a policy that does not require a medical exam/no questions asked.

No exam quotes mean the carrier does not know as much about the health of the person applying for the policy.

Where to shop for Best Life Insurance for Seniors 2017- No questions Asked

If you’re wondering where you can find affordable life insurance for seniors you’re already sitting in front of the best tool available, your computer. There is no easier way to find an affordable life insurance for seniors policy than by doing some comparison shopping online.

There is a lot of competition among different insurance companies and prices can vary greatly from one company to another.

Spending a few minutes online can get you multiple quotes from a number of different providers allowing you to quickly and easily find the coverage you need at the most affordable price.

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