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Quick Quote No Medical Exam Life Insurance

Quick Quote No Medical Exam Life Insurance: to get a quick quote for No medical Exam Life Insurance you should shop around best websites that have the quote form and you do not need to fill personal information. The best website to compare No Medical Exam Life Insurance is

3 Steps to apply for a quick quote No Medical Exam Life Insurance:

  1. Go to and compare quotes, depending in which state you live you can get no medical exam life insurance up to 90 years old.
  2. You can apply right there at the website and send it. In less than 24 hours one agent will call you or send an email with all instructions in how to fill the forms.
  3. Once you fill the forms you can contact the agent or the agent will contact you to go through all the information.

These are the basics 3 steps.

4 types of No Medical Exam Life Insurance

A no medical exam policy is far less time consuming and is a great option for those who are in need of a quick policy.

There are 4 types of No Medical Exam Life Insurance :simplified issue, guaranteed issue, graded death benefit, and level final expense.

Simplified issue is the type that is usually thought of as a “no exam policy”, while there are no health exams, you still have to answer a medical questionnaire and they have stricter health qualifications.

Guaranteed issue life insurance is very similar, but minus the health questionnaire. So that means that there is no medical exam and no questions asked.

Graded death benefit policies are just what they sound like. The plan doesn’t start out with full benefits in the first couple of years. Every year they will increase until they reach the full benefit of the policy. There is nothing wrong with these policies, but you should realize that if anything were to happen to you in the first few years, you aren’t going to receive 100% of your policy amount.

Final Expenses/Burial Insurance are typically permanent policies, which means that you’ll be giving a premium rate that you will pay for the rest of your life.

Where can i find No Medical Exam Life Insurance rates online?

Go to

Call at 813-964-7100

Call 716-565-1300