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Burial Insurance for Seniors over 80

Paying for a funeral, even a modest one, isn’t cheap.

Funeral expenses on the low can be $6,600 for the following:

The cheapest casket, laying the person out for 1 day and cremation.

The biggest advantage by far to having such coverage is peace-of-mind, for both the insured and their family.

Both are relieved in knowing that there will be no financial burden when they pass away.

This allows the family to rest easy (knowing the family doesn’t have to kick in to pay for the funeral) and also for the insured to know they will not be the cause of a financial burden on their family.

Unfortunately, at this point in life, age 80 or 85, there really aren’t too many options available.   Seniors are done working, not physically able to re-enter the workforce in most cases, and are long past their prime.

And the burial benefit from Social Security is only $255.  So besides a burial policy, the only other option unfortunately is to self-insure.  This means if you have enough money you put it aside and that cash is used for the funeral costs.  This might be a little depressing for the senior, who wants to leave something to their loved one’s.  But at the very least they will not have the burden of having to pay for the funeral.

Where to Get Burial Insurance For Seniors over 80

Burial insurance is available through

Mintco Financial is an independent firm that shops for you the most affordable insurance among top carriers.

Mintco Financial Team has been insurance seniors up to 90 years old depending in which State they live.

And rememeber:

Burial insurance over 80 policy  there is no requirement of sitting for medical exam.

Even those with pre-existing health conditions may apply for the insurance.

This is why senior citizens who wish to obtain some sort of life coverage should go for at least burial insurance over 80 at any time in their life.

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