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#1 Life Insurance for Seniors Plans

#1 Life Insurance for Seniors Plans is:

Whole Life insurance policy is the policy that will give you the peace of mind knowing that for as long as you live, you will have the life insurance coverage you need.

Whole life insurance policy will provide your family with the financial resources needed to cover your burial cost and other final expenses.

Best of all you will not need to do a medical exam to qualify for coverage.

Whole life insurance provides coverage from the moment you purchase the policy until you cancel your policy or pass away. Premiums for whole life are typically fixed

Best Life Insurance for Seniors Plans Benefits

The benefits of having a no medical whole life insurance policy is that:

  • The Policy will never cancel because of the senior’s age.
  • Your policy cannot be cancelled except for lack of payment or fraud.
  • Senior Whole Policy Builds Cash Value and loan value for borrowing.
  • No medical Exam Required to Qualify
  • The Face Value of your  policy will never decrease.
  • Your Monthly Premium will never increase. 
  • You can never out live your Whole Life Insurance policy. 
  • The Policy Pays you beneficiary as long as the premiums have been paid.
  • Age Limit can be up to 90 years old depending in which State you live.


Cost of Life Insurance for Seniors Plans

Even a senior citizen in very good health will pay more for insurance coverage than a person who is younger. But for a senior citizen in very good or even excellent health, the premiums may very well be affordable.

Senior citizens who have Internet access can begin the process of finding the best policy online.

Go to and compare life insurance for seniors rates. No personal information needed.

How to Apply for Life Insurance for Seniors Plans

To apply for coverage, go to and get a free online quote.

Or, to speak to a customer service representative, call our  number: 813-964-7100.

Contact Mintco Financial to learn more about this plan.