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Life Insurance for Seniors


Age 60

Life Insurance for Seniors age 60-69.

How to choose the best Life Insurance

Age 70

Life Insurance for Seniors age 70-79.

How to save on Life Insurance

Age 80

Life Insurance for Seniors over 80.

How to apply for Life Insurance with health issues.

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How Much does Senior Life Insurance cost?


Seniors frequently asked us this question. First, your age and even your health should never be an obstacle to getting the coverage you need. There are many good policies you can get at any age or state of health.

There are many companies willing to provide coverage up to 90 years old and different policy types that are both readily available and priced to fit nearly everyone’s pocketbook. This is one concern you can remove from your list now – you CAN get life insurance.

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Can I get Life Insurance if I have Health Issues?


Every person in this world gets older and we have our own expiration dates. The only thing that we need to be sure of is when we do pass away that we do not leave our families burdened financially.

So, this is where Life Insurance comes in. There is one type of life insurance policy that claims no health examinations, and you will qualify regardless of your health complications.

So far, for those seniors who are dealing with health issues, this is an important option to consider if unable to get back to full strength medically any time soon.

These polices are known as guaranteed issue or graded benefit policies and they are available to you as you are not confined to a nursing home, incarcerated, or in an assisted living facility. Guaranteed issue policies are usually the only option available to someone over the age of 80.

Can I buy Life Insurance for my elderly parents?


Most policies have to be purchased by age 85; up to 90 in some states. By law, an insurance agent would need to speak to the mom or dad for her/him to approve you are buying life insurance for her/him.

If she/he’ll OK it, and not suffering from Alzheimers/dementia, she/he can authorize you to be the beneficiary and “payor”.

Payments for these policies is generally through “auto pay” (EFT) from a checking account.

Seniors Life Blog


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At this moment you may be considering buying Life Insurance for a couple of different reasons. One, you know exactly how it works, what it does, how it can help you and how it meets your needs, or two, you’ve been told by someone that you trust that you should have “it” and are secretly quite concerned. In this two situations there is one primary difference. Education. That’s when you contact us. To make sure all your questions are answered.

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